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Graham visits the Bungalow & Ivy Leaf Chapel

We are proud to share that The Bungalow and Ivy Leaf Chapel hosted the renowned Mr. Graham Ross and the Better Homes and Gardens film crew during their New England Tour in December 2022. Our captivating garden was featured in the episode, which aired on April 14th, 2023.

Discover the outstanding Better Homes & Gardens segment by watching the video below or visiting their official website via the provided link.

Visit the Gardens & Chapel

We warmly invite you to experience the breathtaking beauty of our gardens and the serene atmosphere of the Ivy Leaf Chapel. Whether you are an individual, a small group, or bus tour, we welcome you to explore our enchanting grounds.

To arrange a private tour of the gardens and chapel, please contact Kim in advance of your visit by either email or phone.This consideration ensures that our B&B guests and events remain undisturbed, while providing you with a truly unforgettable experience.

The pricing for a private garden tour begins at $20 for an individual
, with an additional $10 per person thereafter. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our picturesque property and sharing the enchantment of our gardens and chapel with you.

Kim, the owner of The Bungalow & Ivy Leaf Chapel, enjoys a friendly meeting with Mr. Graham Ross from Better Homes & Gardens

The Gardens

My Story

The Bungalow was built between 1915 and 1920, on the cusp of the Edwardian and Bungalow eras and has since had a number of occupants. When I took over the reins in 2010, there was but one manicured bed of grass in the front yard, with its magnificent old pine tree, and in the back paddock stood a number of straggly gums.

After a year deliberating on a design for the front yard, the first sod was turned and there was no stopping the momentum. Working at a garden and maintenance business at the time, my plant choices were somewhat inspired by some of my clients' beautiful gardens.

A year on, I had barely finished planting my front garden when I was shocked to learn I had breast cancer.  After 18 months of gruelling treatment, but not one to be down for long, a 10-day Vipassana Meditation course ignited my passion to begin work on my back garden.

The structure of the back garden began evolving at the end of 2013, and it gave me something to focus on when the physical effects of the medical treatments were overwhelming. The final side paddock still needed some creative inspiration to fill its space. Inspired by a trip to Japan during their cherry-blossom festival, I designed a living structure to meditate in, surrounded by maples, conifers, and blossom trees.  In September 2016, I began growing the Ivy Leaf Chapel.

I invite you to leave the city behind, unwind, and wander through our gardens. Enjoy, sit, relax, or even try some yoga or medition in the Ivy Leaf Chapel.

I look forward to sharing my garden with you.


Kim, the owner of The Bungalow & Ivy Leaf Chapel, relaxes on the verandah, surrounded by the lush gardens she cultivated
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